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Why Choose US

We bridge the gap between the parts supplier and the customers,Our company evaluates each parts supplier company from the perspective of the consumers and makes sure the company will meet their needs,We access their equipment,human resources,manufacturing ability and lead time and confirm our good products.
Our company provides a whole process service to our customers,We set higher criteria in every phase to meet the clients’ needs,Our service team is comprised of expert staff members and a decade of experience in the bikes 
Our professional team has standardized all the steps in the process of international trade,We focus on every detail and provide professional service to our customers. With this standard workflow,We are quite confident that we can meet the customers’ demand ,Even beyond your expectation.
The research and development team send the well-designed blueprint to the manufacturing department.All the staff members in the department will do all they could to turn out bicycles in high quality,They carefully assemble all the parts together to produce the best Bikes.

The workers in our company follow the manufacturing manual strictly to meet the technical specifications.From knitting and correction of rim to assembling of tires and chains,To adjusting brakes and final packing,each step in the production is paid the same attention.
ZL BICYCLE has established an excellent collaborative relationship with factories,which allows us to offer a fist class OEM service to our customers,Our products are all with international certifications,Such as ISO,CE.GS.SAA.You cound put your trust in these bicycles 
The team will provide high quality service to our clients,We offer a one-year warranty for components such as frame and fork, Our customers service team will off the client’s a quick resonse and answer their requests.

Want to Join us,I think So,Pls write to me and let us talk more

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