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Everything You Need To Know About Electric Bike

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Electric bike (ebike), also known as electric bicycle, electric bicycle, is a kind of light transportation with battery as the main energy source. The battery is used as an auxiliary energy source on the basis of the ordinary bicycle, and the electric motor, controller, battery, handlebar gate and other manipulation parts and display instrumentation system are installed in the mechatronic personal transportation.Electric bicycles are an important means of transportation and are popular for their low carbon, economy, energy efficiency and convenience.

Here is the content list:

1. What is the legal definition of an electric bicycle

2. What are the rules for riding an electric bike?


What is the legal definition of an electric bicycle

We will first look at the UK laws relating to electric bicycles, starting by defining and naming what an electric or electrically assisted pedal cycle (EAPC) is.

Not all electric two-wheelers fall into this category - we will look at some other types later. In addition, an electric bicycle does not have to have two wheels - the legislation also applies to electric bicycles with more than two wheels.

The EAPC motor only helps when the rider pedals. The system has built-in sensors that detect when the rider is pedalling and provide power from the motor in proportion to that, so the bike doesn't run away with you or give you power without pedalling.

By law, motor assistance must stop at 25 km/h (15.5 mph) - the same in the UK, EU and Australia (but, as we'll talk about, this limit is raised to 20 mph in the US).

What are the rules for riding an electric bike?

You don't need to register your bike and you don't need to have insurance (although we recommend you take out insurance that covers at least theft, personal accident and third party liability - we have a guide to choosing the best bike insurance). You are also not legally required to wear a helmet.

Electronic bicycles can be ridden anywhere where it is allowed to ride a normal bicycle. This includes roads, cycle paths and cycle lanes. As with non-electric bicycles, you may not ride on pavements unless they are intended for mixed use by cyclists and pedestrians. You must also obey traffic laws, including stop signs and traffic lights.


1. Always protect your head

2. Stay visible

3. Obey traffic laws, including traffic lights.

4. Use cycle mirrors

5. Wear appropriate clothing

6. Never forget to signal your intended direction.

7. Be alert for obstacles

8. Don't get distracted

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