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How is Electric City Bikes market in 2022

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In 2022, the urban electric bicycle market is still hot, even rising under the epidemic. Why is there such a situation? Why are more and more people choosing electric vehicles as urban transportation?

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1. City Electric Bike Overview

2. Electric City Bikes — Environmentally Friendly Choice

City Electric Bike Overview

The first thing you need to know about electric bikes is that they stay here. According to market research firm NPD Group, sales of electric bicycles in the 12 months to September 2021 increased by 240% compared to two years ago. As of last year, the industry was about $ 27 billion and there are no signs of a slowdown.

When everyone uses electricity, some see the rise of e-bikes as a threat, as if a standard bicycle were going down Penny Road. But don't be afraid. Electric bicycles are not intended to deprive us of our human-powered lifestyle. In fact, as the coronavirus pandemic and commuting changes trigger changes in travel and commuting habits, they may strengthen it.

Electric City Bikes — Environmentally Friendly Choice

The electric city bike makes commuting easier. The bike kit is great, but you may need a new ride to get the best bike experience. Here, our range of electric city bikes allows cyclists to find the perfect bike for any situation.

The potential of electric bicycles to improve efficiency, sustainability and well-being is being explored.

Riding an electric bike is an eco-friendly way to get from A to B. Zero-emission electric bikes and rechargeable batteries with renewable energy help improve fitness while reducing carbon dioxide emissions. FuroSystems offers a variety of e-bikes to suit different needs. Try eTura, the world's lightest and most compact foldable e-bike, and Sierra, a powerful electric mountain bike.

For your dream city electric bikes, please contact ZL for further information. We focus on bikes&e-bikes 14+years and provide high quality products all around the world. Waiting for your voice!

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