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Start your green ride now! from electric bikes

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Riding an electric bike is an eco-friendly way to get from A to B. A zero-emission e-bike and a battery that can be recharged multiple times with renewable energy will help improve fitness while reducing carbon dioxide emissions. FuroSystems offers a variety of e-bikes to suit different needs. Check out the eTura, the world's lightest and most compact foldable electric bike, and the Sierra, the most powerful electric mountain bike. We have something for you all!
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charge the electric bike

Electric bikes use motors with lithium-ion batteries to help them get to their destination faster than conventional bikes. The main environmental advantage of this battery-powered thruster is that it does not emit harmful emissions.

Air pollution is a serious problem in many cities in the UK, but it is worst in London. Despite measures to clean the air in the capital, it is estimated that around 2 million Londoners live in areas with excessive levels of the toxic gas. The most prominent is nitrous oxide, which is mainly emitted by diesel vehicles. The toxic gas damages the respiratory system and is responsible for an estimated 9,400 premature deaths each year due to poor air quality in London.

E-bikes don’t emit smog, so riding an e-bike helps keep you in shape while helping you breathe fresh air (especially in urban areas).

All Furo Systems electric bikes use lithium-ion batteries. There are legitimate concerns about increasing the use of lithium-ion batteries, but they are the best option currently available. Lithium Americas CTO and ex-Tesla employee David Deak puts the situation together nicely. "In the short term, the carbon dioxide footprint from (lithium) hard rock is not ideal, but it is very important to offset carbon dioxide, which is otherwise an emissions from internal combustion engines."

Hydrogen batteries may power the bikes of the future, but for now, lithium batteries are the greenest alternative to fossil fuels. Our batteries are rechargeable and durable, with a range of up to 75 kilometers on a single charge. In other words, you can reach your destination without breaking a sweat.

charge the electric bike
Electric bikes need regular charging to help them get around city streets. While riding an e-bike helps the environment, you can further improve your environmental credentials by making some important decisions about how to charge your battery.

Renewable energy currently accounts for about 33% of total national grid production and is expected to continue to grow. With the growing demand for clean energy, switching suppliers to renewable energy suppliers is not as expensive as it used to be. If you were to choose a renewable energy provider, you might be using solar, wind, hydro or tidal energy to power your bike.

A helpful tip is to charge your bike overnight. Energy demand usually decreases during quiet hours of the night. That is, the electricity supplied is usually excess electricity generated by the national grid. The use of this energy is more environmentally friendly and less expensive than at other times.

For your dream city electric bikes, please contact ZL for further information. We focus on bikes&e-bikes 14+years and provide high quality products all around the world. Waiting for your voice!

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