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Why Should You Buy Electric Bike?

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At a time of many global crises - such as the coronavirus pandemic, climate change and the threat of nuclear war - it is hard not to feel helpless. If you're an adult who doesn't know what you can do to make a difference, my advice is simple: get on your bike. And whether they rented a bike from a bike shop or bought their own, millions of Americans agree.

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1. Ebike allows us to achieve freedom of climbing

2. You don’t need a license to ride an electric bike

Ebike allows us to achieve freedom of climbing

E-bike, also known as power-assisted electric bicycle, power-assisted electric bicycle is a higher technology, to achieve a mixture of human and electric power output. There are two kinds of assistance, pure electricity mode and assistance mode, specific use experience we separate to say.

pure electric mode:Use the electronic throttle cable, similar to the kind of electric car, push the throttle, the middle motor will provide power to drive the bike. In this mode, there is no difference with our common electric car, you just push the throttle, and then quietly enjoy the sense of speed brought by the motor, but the lack of pedaling fun. In addition, the battery life in pure electric mode is significantly less than that of the booster mode.

Power-assisted mode:Through the torque sensor in the middle axis, when the rider pedals, the middle motor automatically intervenes to provide driving force to assist riding. The booster mode is divided into five booster gears, and the rider can combine road conditions with the rear shifting to achieve a booster experience with a reasonable gear ratio. Especially for climbing, the power experience is quite powerful.

You don’t need a license to ride an electric bike

The researchers found that, on average, e-bike riders traveled longer, rode longer each day, and had longer METs each week than those who rode conventional bikes. In addition to more exercise time, the researchers found that many e-bike riders also owned conventional bicycles and typically used them for short trips.In most countries and most states in the U.S., you do not need a permit to drive any of the three classes of e-bikes (Class 3 e-bikes have a speed limit of 28 mph), as required by Congressional law. However, e-bikes that exceed 28 mph require a permit to operate.

Nationwide, e-bike owners do not have to register their e-bikes, which only costs $30 in Hawaii, and they do not have to purchase insurance for their e-bikes except in Idaho; or have them inspected regularly like motor vehicles. Each state will have its own rationale, but we expect that many of the states mentioned above may want to ensure that people who use e-bikes on their roads are fully aware of the laws that apply to those roads.

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